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Download Huawei update-Flash Files-Firmwares-Stock ROM

If you Need to the huawei update firmware version of the tablets device and Smartphones, Download for Huawei device all the latest updates.

Get Factory firmware, official file and Stock ROM to update- upgrade your Huawei device. All Huawei firmware's are available in this site and find out your model and download the latest firmware- 

Firmware Download Link

iphone 7 image এর চিত্র ফলাফল

A-SERIES - A199, AF23, ALE-CL00, ALE-L01, ALE-L02, ALE-L03, ALE-L04, ALE-L21, ALE-L22, ALE-L23, ALE-TL00, ALE-UL00, ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-TL00, ATH-TL00H, ATH-UL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06 

C-SERIES - C199, C199s, C199s-CL00, C300, C830e, C2206, C2609, C2610, C2610s, C2806, C2809, C2822, C2823, C2830, C2831, C2835, C2835D, C2906, C2907, C2930, C2930T, C2931, C3105, C5060, C5100, C5110, C5120, C5300, C5320, C5330, C5600, C5610, C5630, C5635, C5730, C5737, C5800, C5900, C6000, C6005, C6050, C6071, C6100, C6110, C6111, C6200, C6300, C7100, C7300, C7500, C7600, C8000, C8100, C8150, C8150-1, C8500, C8500S, C8511, C8512, C8550, C8600, C8650, C8650E, C8655, C8800, C8810, C8812, C8812E, C8813, C8813D, C8813DQ, C8813Q, C8815, C8816, C8816D, C8817D, C8817E, C8817L, C8818, C8826D, C8850, C8860E, C8860v, C8865, C8869L, C8950D, CHC-U01 , CHC-U03, CHC-U23, CHE-L04, CHE-TL00, CHE-TL00H, CHE-TL10, CHE-TL10H, CHE1-CL10, CHE1-CL20, CHE1-L04, CHE2-L03, CHE2-L11, CHE2-L12, CHE2-L23, CHE2-TL00, CHE2-TL00H, CHE2-TL00M, CHE2-UL00, CHM-CL00, CHM-TL00, CHM-TL00H, CHM-U01, CHM-UL00, CM651, CM980, CM990, CRR-CL00, CRR-CL20, CRR-L09, CRR-L13, CRR-TL00, CRR-UL00, CRR-UL20 

G-SERIES - G6, G6-C00, G6-L11, G6-L22, G6-L33, G6-T00, G6-U00, G6-U10, G6-U34, G6-U251, G7-L01, G7-L02, G7-L03, G7-L11, G7-TL00, G7-UL20, G20, G302d, G350-U00, G350-U20, G506-U151, G510-0010, G510-0100, G510-0200, G510-0251, G510, G520-0000, G520-5000, G520-T10, G521-L076, G525-U00, G526-L016, G526-L11, G526-L22, G526-L33, G527-U081, G535-L11, G606-T00, G610-C00, G610-T00, G610-T11, G610-U00, G610-U15, G610-U20, G610-U30, G615-U10, G616-L076, G619, G620-A2, G620-L72, G620-L75, G620-UL01, G620s-L01, G620s-L02, G620s-L03, G620s-UL00, G621-TL00, G621-TL00M, G628-TL00, G629-UL00, G630-U00, G630-U10, G630-U20, G630-U251, G660-L075, G700-T00, G700-U00, G700-U10, G700-U20, G716-L070, G718-L056, G730-C00, G730-L075, G730-T00, G730-U00, G730-U10, G730-U27, G730-U30, G730-U251, G735-L03, G735-L11, G735-L12, G735-L23, G740-L00, G750-T00, G750-T01, G750-T20, G750-U00, G750-U10, G760-L01, G760-L03, G760-TL00, G760-UL20, G1000, G1103, G1157, G1158, G2100, G2101, G2103, G2157, G2158, G2200, G2800, G2800D, G2800S, G3500, G3501, G3510, G3510S, G3511, G3512, G3610, G3620D, G3620S, G3621, G3621L, G3622, G5000, G5010, G5500, G5510, G5520, G5521, G5726, G5730, G5760, G6003, G6005, G6006, G6007, G6008, G6150, G6151, G6153, G6310, G6600, G6600D, G6600E, G6603, G6605, G6608, G6609, G6610, G6610V, G6620, G6620ss, G6622, G6626, G6800, G7002B, G7005, G7007, G7010, G7050, G7105, G7206, G7210, G7210ss, G7220, G7300, G7500, G7600, GEM-701L, GEM-702L, GEM-703L, GEM-703LT, GRA-CL00, GRA-CL10, GRA-L03, GRA-L09, GRA-L13, GRA-TL00, GRA-UL00, GRA-UL10

H-SERIES - H30-C00, H30-L01, H30-L01M, H30-L02, H30-T00, H30-T10, H30-U10, H60-J1, H60-L01, H60-L02, H60-L03, H60-L04, H60-L11, H60-L12, H60-L21, H868C, H882L, H887L, H891L, H892L, HG231f, HG232f, HG253s, HG520C, HG530, HG532, HG532d, HG532d-10, HG532e, HG532e-10, HG532f, HG532s, HG556a, HG612, HG630a, HG630b, HG633, HG635, HG655d, HG658, HG658c, HG659, HG659b, HG8240, HG8247H, HN3-U00, HN3-U01, Hol-T00, Hol-U10, Holly-U00, Holly-U19, HW-01D, HW-01E, HW-02C, HWD11 

M-SERIES - M2-801L, M2-801W, M2-802L, M2-802LD, M2-803L, M2-A01HW, M2-A01L, M2-A01W, M2-A04L, M210, M228, M310, M311, M321, M330, M570, M615, M635, M636, M650, M660, M735, M750, M835, M860, M865, M866, M868, M881, M881 H881C, M886, M920, M931, MC323, MC509, ME206v, ME209u-526, ME906C, ME906E, ME906J, ME906s-158, ME909s-120, ME909s-120P, ME909s-821, ME909s-821P, ME909tu-120, ME909u-521, ME909u-523, ME909u-523D, ME936, Mercury-G00, Mercury-G01, Mercury-G10, MG301, MG323, MG323-B, MS2131i-8, MT1-T00, MT1-U06, MT2-C00, MT2-L01, MT2-L02, MT2-L03, MT2-L05, MT2-L05, MT2-U071, MT7-CL00 , MT7-J1, MT7-L07, MT7-L09, MT7-L10, MT7-L11, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL10A, MT7-TL10, MT7-TL20, MT7-UL00, MU509-b, MU509-c, MU509-g, MU609, MU609T, MU709s-2, MU709s-2P, MU709s-6, MU733, MU736, MU739

iphone 7 image এর চিত্র ফলাফল

P-SERIES- P2-6011 LTE, P2-6013, P2-6070, P6-C00, P6-T00, P6-T00V, P6-U00, P6-U06, P6s-U06, P6 Tool kit, P7-L00, P7-L05, P7-L07, P7-L09, P7-L10, P7-L11, P7-L12, P68L-25, PE-CL00, PE-TL00M, PE-TL10, PE-TL20, PE-UL00, Pine-L00, Pine-TL10, PLK-AL10, PLK-CL00, PLK-L01, PLK-TL00, PLK-TL01H, PLK-UL00, PLK-UL00IN, PT201, PT210, PT230-10, PT500-12, PT530-12 

S-SERIES- S7, S7-101, S7-103, S7-104, S7-105, S7-106, S7-201c, S7-201u, S7-201w, S7-202c, S7-202u, S7-301c, S7-301u, S7-301w, S7-302u, S7-303u, S7-601c, S7-601u, S7-601ue, S7-601us, S7-601w, S7-602u, S7-701u, S7-701w, S7-701wa, S7-702u, S7-721g, S7-721u, S7-721w, S7-722u , S7-931u, S7-931w, S7-931wd, S7-932u, S7-933u, S8-301L, S8-301u, S8-301w, S8-303L, S8-306L, S8-701u, S8-701w, S8-702u, S10-101L 64GB, S10-101u 16GB, S10-101w, S10-101wf, S10-101x, S10-103L, S10-201L 16GB, S10-201u 16GB, S10-201wa, S10-202U, S10-231L, S10-231u, S10-231w, S10-232L, S10-233L, S5700, S8520, S8600, SC-CL00, SC-UL10, SCC-U21, SCL-AL00, SCL-CL00, SCL-L01, SCL-L02, SCL-L03, SCL-L04, SCL-L21, SCL-TL00, SCL-TL00H, SCL-TL10, SCL-TL10H, SCL-U03, SCL-U23, SCL-U31 

T-SERIES- T1-701g, T1-701u, T1-701ua, T1-701w, T1-702u, T1-821L, T1-821w, T1-823L, T1-A21L, T1-A21w, T1-A22L, T1-A23L, T110, T8300, T8301, T8500, T8600, T8620, T8808D, T8828, T8830i, T8833, T8833, T8950, T8950N, T8951, T9200, T9510E, TAG-AL00, TAG-CL00, TAG-L01, TAG-L21, TAG-L22, TAG-TL00, TIT-AL00, TIT-CL00, TIT-CL10, TIT-TL00, TIT-U02 

U-SERIES - U120, U120E, U120S, U121, U526, U528, U535, U550, U626, U1000, U1000s, U1005, U1100, U1105, U1205, U1211, U1215, U1220S, U1250, U1251, U1259, U1280E, U1285, U1290, U1305, U1307, U1309, U1315, U2800, U2800A, U2801, U2805-1, U2900, U3205, U3220, U3305, U3310, U3311, U3315, U3315h, U3317, U3900, U5110, U5110E, U5120, U5130-1, U5130-5, U5130-7, U5200, U5300, U5310, U5509, U5510, U5705, U5707, U5760, U5900, U6020, U6150, U7310S, U7315, U7510, U7510-o, U7510S, U7515, U7517, U7519, U7520, U8100, U8100-5, U8100-7, U8100-9, U8110, U8120, U8150, U8150-1, U8150-92, U8160, U8160-U, U8180, U8180-5, U8180-7, U8180V, U8185-1, U8185-5, U8185-7, U8186, U8186-1, U8186-5, U8186-7, U8220, U8220-6, U8230, U8300, U8350, U8350-3, U8350-51, U8500, U8508, U8510, U8510-0, U8510-1, U8510-5, U8510-7, U8510-92, U8520, U8600, U8650, U8650-1, U8651, U8651S, U8651T, U8652, U8652-51, U8655, U8655-1, U8655-51, U8655N, U8660, U8660-51, U8661, U8666-1, U8666E-1, U8666E, U8666N-1, U8666, U8667, U8680, U8681, U8685D, U8686, U8686-1, U8687, U8730, U8800, U8800-5, U8800-51, U8800H, U8800P, U8800 Pro, U8812D, U8815, U8815-1, U8815-51, U8815-71, U8815N, U8815, U8816, U8816-1, U8818, U8820, U8825-1, U8825D, U8825D, U8825, U8833, U8836D, U8836D-1, U8850-91 Vision, U8850 Vision, U8860-1, U8860-92, U8860-R, U8860, U8867Z, U8950, U8950-1, U8950-51, U8950D, U8950N-51, U8951D , U9000, U9000-81, U9105, U9120, U9120-6, U9130, U9200-1, U9200-92, U9200E, U9200s, U9200, U9201L, U9202L, U9202L-1, U9202L-2, U9202L-3, U9202L-4, U9500, U9500-1, U9500E

Y-SERIES - Y201C, Y210, Y210-0010, Y210-0100, Y210-0151, Y210-0200, Y210-0251, Y210-2010, Y210-C10, Y210c, Y210s, Y220-T10, Y220-U00, Y220-U01, Y220-U05, Y220-U10, Y220-U17, Y220T, Y221-U03, Y221-U12, Y221-U22, Y221-U33, Y221-U53, Y300-0000, Y300-0100, Y300-0151, Y300-F1, Y300-J1, Y300 II, Y300C, Y300C-2010, Y301-A1, Y301-A2, Y310-5000, Y310-T10, Y320-C00, Y320-T00, Y320-U01, Y320-U10, Y320-U30, Y320-U151, Y320-U351, Y321-C00, Y321-U051, Y321-U351, Y325-T00, Y330-C00, Y330-U01, Y330-U05, Y330-U07, Y330-U08, Y330-U11, Y330-U15, Y330-U17, Y336-A1, Y336-U02 , Y340-U081, Y360-U03, Y360-U23, Y360-U26, Y360-U31, Y360-U61 , Y360-U72, Y500-T00, Y511-T00, Y511-U00, Y511-U10, Y511-U30, Y511-U251, Y516-T00, Y518-T00, Y520-U03, Y520-U12, Y520-U22 , Y520-U33, Y523-L076, Y523-L176, Y530-U00, Y530-U051, Y535D-C00, Y535 C00, Y536-A1, Y538-A1, Y540-U01, Y541-U02, Y550-L01, Y550-L02, Y550-L03, Y560-CL00, Y560-L01, Y560-L02, Y560-L03, Y560-L23, Y560-U02, Y560-U03, Y560-U12, Y560-U23, Y600-U00, Y600-U20, Y600-U40, Y600-U151, Y600-U351, Y600D-C00, Y610-U00, Y618-T00, Y625, Y625-U13, Y625-U21, Y625-U32, Y625-U43, Y625-U51, Y635-CL00, Y635-L01, Y635-L02, Y635-L03, Y635-L21, Y635-TL00

iphone 7 image এর চিত্র ফলাফল


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